Notification Bar Color

How do you change the notification bar color as seen in Lyra’s sign-in function:

A bit of CSS will let you change the color:

.notification {
  color: teal;


Where do I input the information that you sent me?



It doesn’t seem to be working for the moment. Maybe I’ll keep trying. Any idea of where I could among Lyra’s files I could affect this change-

You can find the correct CSS selectors by using the Developer Tools in your browser.

I use the Developer Tools in Chrome.

Here’s what I found on your site:

So you can see to the right of the css that the code you want to override is in the screen.css file.

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I altered the color from ‘green’ to ‘blue’ without success. The notification bar still shows green. Not sure why. Starting on a workaround… do you know whether I can add a Shopify Buy Button in place of the Subscriber Form.

Are you sure you’re following the steps people have shown? @denvergeeks provided a very clear screenshot:

@specter please make a screenshot showing what you have in your site header injection. It should look like this (assuming you want the same blue as the other buttons on your site):


form[data-members-form].error .message-error,
form[data-members-form].success .message-success {
background-color: #3eb0ef;

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Ah thanks @denvergeeks, I missed that they were referring to a different style of notification message

Yeah that worked.


One more thing:

How do I change the color of the border once a successful message has gone through?

2020-02-20 104951

@specter it’s just more CSS – what have you already tried for discovering the CSS selectors for this?

No idea what you’re talking about. Can try looking round-

Have you tried, utlilizing the process I showed you above here and here to find and modify the CSS?

No- busy at the moment-

Received this message from DavidDarnes:

Please be more respectful to community members when they are using their time to help you. @denvergeeks has already provided a lot of help and you don’t seem very invested in taking the help on board.

Included my response:

I’m being respectful. I’m not able to invest time due to production constraints as I have relayed in my message. Simply being curt in correspondence. Not meant to be offensive. Apologize if that seemed to be the case. Appreciated the help as I have likewise relayed. Not sure why I am seen as disrespectful in this case…

Well that was interesting.

@specter it seems to me that @DavidDarnes is just doing his job, a part of which is to pay some attention to the interactions within the community here, and try to facilitate if he notices certain exchanges that might be opportunities for learning.

The fact that he apparently did so privately through private message with you, rather than publicly, I believe was just out of respect to both you and me.

I can say that at first I did also feel a little sensitive about your brevity in response to my attempts to help you.

But then I remembered that it was all good because, since my time spent helping you was posted publicly for the entire community to see, in any event (whatever response or non-response from you) it might be helpful to others facing a similar situation.

So I took your response pragmatically, at face value, and didn’t take it personally. I figured you might come back to it and find it useful at some later time.

It’s also fine with me that you posted these private messages because it shows how @DavidDarnes was trying to support and facilitate the goodness and blind altruism that happens here.

Thank you both.


I’ll preface my inquiries from now on to allow for a more formal correspondence in which it is noted beforehand that I will not be able to divest full attention to the forum in a matter that might be expected of me… Not sure how forums work apparently. Apologize for my manner of conduct. Try to do better on my next inquiry.