Onboarding for new editors in interface

Have a client who, after getting invited as editor, responded “I have access, but there doesn’t seem to be much to do in the admin interface, just writing text”

So, I’m missing little blue pop-up bubbles for first time user in admin, only seen once…

  1. “Welcome, Click the Plus sign to start writing a post”
  2. “Clicking this icon opens up a side panel, try it!”
  3. “This is the URL for your published post”
  4. “Here you can change text for social media embeds”
    etc… and in editor
  5. “Type a slash / to open up the Cards menu, try /image for a shortcut”
  6. “To link text, select the text and paste the URL, ctrl-v”
  7. “You can drag and drop images into the editor”
  8. “Images can be standard, wide or full width using this pop-up menu”

etc etc - there are some serious power-moves in the editor, and none of them are advertised and nobody RTFM.

Basically a on-boarding for new editors in the interface.

Possibly also for newsletters “You can edit the subject of your newsletter by clicking here”.
“Schedule as Post, a Newsletter or both using this menu”

Members list: “Click on a member to see their activity and details”