Open rate is N/A

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Issue Summary

  • Explain roughly what’s wrong: All memeber’s open rates are 0% except for emails I’ve used to test posts.
  • What did you expect to happen? I would expect it to show a realistic number.

Steps to Reproduce

Note the my mail gun opens are working:

Setup information

Ghost Version
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Node.js Version
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Database type
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How many emails have you sent? Open rates require members to have received a few emails before they can be calculated and displayed.

Hmm interesting, I sent 3 newsletters up to this point. How many more until I get to some concrete numbers?

The open rate is calculated after 5 emails, but you can click on a member and see their activity (whether they’ve opened an email, etc.) at any time.

Got it, I see now. It would be great to have an information tooltip to explain that.

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