Option to install using the root or ghost user

Currently, using ghost install as root gives a warning that it can’t be run as root, and creating a ghost user and trying to run as that gives an error that it can’t be installed as ghost user.

An option to run as either of those users, preferably an option to run as the ghost user, would be great, because it leads to less cross-user pollution when dealing with servers with multiple purposes and users.

I want to be able to select which user ghost install will install as. Using a different user to install, and installation creating a ghost user to be run as, leads to some node packages being installed using the user which was installing ghost, which is undesirable.

I don’t want to have to use another user to install ghost, and then the ghost user to run it, because I either need to use an existing user for that, which might be used for something else, or create a new user and then have two users for ghost instead of just one.

Currently, the install user has the .ghost folder in its home, with the config and logs, which I’d prefer to keep in the ghost user.