Page templates with standardized structured content?

We are building a website about pets, and we are looking to use Ghost for our static pages.

I suspect this might be a limitation of Ghost, but I wanted to check first:

1. First page type: Standard “static” article page
I dont see any problems here - Ghost will handle wonderfully

2. “Structured” content page
Here is where i potentially see issues. These pages will be based on templated inputs. Ideally, we would like to create a “template” in the Ghost admin UI, which takes only the specific inputs we need to populate the page. See examples below “Characteristics”, life-span, weight, height etc. These inputs will be the same for all similar pages.
Is this possible to do with Ghost?

I know that Ghost has “Page” as a concept - but my understanding is that Pages are still just “Unstructured” content pages.

Any guidance here would be incredibly appreciated!

No, Ghost does not support custom fields and is not designed for this use-case. Ghost is for publishing, it’s not a general purpose CMS.

If you’re looking for a platform where you can create custom data types, check out any of the following: