Passing Ghost membership to other databases automatically


I am building an infrastructure for a niche that provides several services. We have a community based on Flarum and are also in the process of expanding with a custom job board.

I wanted to make both ancillary services (Comunity and Job board) available only to paying members. Is there a way to pass this information to the other structures from the Ghost database?

Thank you in advance!

Ghost emits a webhook when a member is created/updated, that you could use to keep an external site updated with Ghost member information. (They’d need a separate account there.)

Or, to let the user go from Ghost to the other site:
Validate that the user is logged in, their session is here: https://yoursite/members/api/session (that’s a JWT)
Their user info is here: https://yoursite/members/api/member/
And you can validate the JWT using /members/.well-known/jwks.json