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I host my ghost install on Pikapods, I connected my custom domain (https://barnabynagy.com/) and they still keep their test subdomain https://ghost8943234.pikapod.net/. I thought that when connecting my custom domain the test subdomain would be gone, that’s a standard procedure when connecting a custom domain to a host no? They are saying I should be setting up a canonical link or something.

They said:
“Unfortunately, our system does not support disabling Pikapods subdomains. However, rest assured that with proper canonical tagging, your SEO efforts on your custom domain will not be negatively impacted by the existence of the subdomain.”

Could anyone advise as to what should I do, please?

You need to setup a CNAME for https://barnabynagy.com/ that is a alias of https://ghost8943234.pikapod.net/. This is done where your DNS servers are hosted.

Something is interesting about their setup. Most Ghost installs (including the ones on Ghost Pro) will redirect you to the URL used in configuring Ghost. Their setup serves those without a redirect. Fortunately, the canonicals do show the barnabynagy.com domain, so it’s not too likely to be a problem - you can just ignore that subdomain!

Alternately, if you really want to redirect (for example, you think you’re going to get inbound traffic on the pikapod subdomain for some reason), you could put a bit of javascript at the top of the page that detects the url and redirects if it’s the wrong one. That’s not as good as a 301 redirect, but it’d get the job done.

My CNAME is already pointing there but the subdomain is still live

Where do you see that there are canonicals? How do I double check?

I checked your page source. Ctrl-U

The page source of the pikapods link?

Yes. Did you try it?

No, I don’t know what line I should be looking at…

Ah ok, I guess I see now
CleanShot 2024-01-13 at 12.49.10

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Right. (And now I have to write some extra words to make it long enough to post.)

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Haha ok, thanks yeah