Please, add Ubuntu 20.04 support

I have tried to install Ghost on Ubuntu 20.04, but it fails at too many points. It would be great if Ghost supported this new operating system to install this publishing platform.

× MySQL 8 support.

We want to use the latest technology in the market. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am running Ghost on Ubuntu 20.04 for my local development environment and haven’t encountered any problems. Could you be more specific about what errors are you having exactly and what is your environment apart of Ubuntu 20.04?

✔ Checking current folder permissions
System checks failed with message: 'Linux version is not Ubuntu 16 or 18'
Some features of Ghost-CLI may not work without additional configuration.

Ubuntu 20.04 comes by default with MySQL 8.0.20 and Ghost does not support this version.

Why not just use the SQLITE3 db?

ghost install --db sqlite3 installs on 20.04 with no issues.