Please help this noob

hello, guys I accidentally deleted my droplet server of ghost now I’m not able to access my site also as I previously set my site private now how do I make it public?
one more thing after the unfortunate deletion of the server I pointed the domain to a bigbluebuttuon server with greenlight as frontend, on this server my website is opening as instead of is this something I should worry or is it normal and thirdly mobile browsers are marking this website as insecure but web browsers are marking it as protected(yes I configured SSL again while installing bigbluebutton).
please help. I’m not a programmer but I’m trying to learn a thing or two.
thanks a lot.

I assume you’re using DigitalOcean? Sounds like something you need to contact DigitalOcean support about. Have you got in touch with them?

If you mean the private setting within Ghost then that can be turned off and on by logging into Ghost admin and toggling the private option at the bottom of the General settings view

thanks for the reply, David! I think you misunderstood me. here’s what happened so far-

  1. I mistakenly deleted the server associated with my ghost instance but this isn’t my problem the problem is upon entering I’m getting an Nginx server error now the ques is since I deleted the server how do I set the site as public as the site is still private and i pointed the domain towards a bigbluebutton server.
  2. if i reinstall ghost and point the domain to ghost than can in do something like - my blog at & bigbluebutton instance ofcourse i’ll be installing bigbluebutton on another server.
    sorry if my ques are idiotic for the first time in my i’m trying to learn these web development things and i’ve no programming background.

I’m still a bit confused by your query. If you’ve deleted your Ghost instance then you won’t be able to navigate to as it won’t be there. You can of course set up your domains however you like, we have documentation on how to do that with various domain providers:
Using custom domains with your Ghost(Pro) publication - Tutorial

sorry, you aren’t getting it anyways thanks for the help I’ll try installing ghost again.