Plugin compatibility with WordPress v 6.1?

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My goal is to use the export functionality of the Ghost WordPress plugin.

The Ghost plugin Version: 1.1.1, updated six months ago, says it is compatible with WordPress up to 6.0.0.

WordPress 6.1 was released in November and v. 6.2 might be coming in March, per their general updates; I’m wondering if we might expect an update to the Ghost plugin in the months ahead, to enable exports, and about when?

Thank you.

Here, it says that it’s compatible with WordPress 4.2 or higher and tested up to 6.0.0.

You are welcome to test with Ghost 6.1 or 6.2 and report your findings. Unless the WordPress data model or APIs have changed, it should still work.


Yes, I installed the plugin on my WordPress 6.1 site, but the “export to Ghost” option is not displaying under Tools in the WP admin, as in the Ghost website example.

I’ve just run a migration from WP 6.1.1 to Ghost using v1.1.1 of the export plugin.

Everything worked as expected.

I think the next step for you would be to double/triple check the plugin is activated at /wp-admin/plugins.php

We’ll get the plugin listing updated to show tested to 6.1.1

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Thank you for response. Yes, the latest Ghost plugin is active in WP.

Cool, thanks for checking.

All I can really say at this point is it’s working for me. It might be worth removing the plugin and reinstalling it, though, wdyt?

Yep, tried that before filing this issue. Hmm. Maybe it’s a quirk of our WP theme. Will try to examine more.

Ah, it’s so hard with WP sometimes as there are so many quirks between setups.

If it suits your way of working, we do have CLI tools to run migrations for WP via the WP API or the WP XML file.

Version 1.2.0 is now released, and ensures compatibility with WordPress 6.1 & PHP 8.1.

I’ve made it add an internal #wordpress tag to each post, but no other changes were made, so the migrate tools Jon suggested are still the way to go I’d say.

I will check WP 6.2 compatibility soon.

Turns out: my account’s WP role was “administrator (unfiltered)”, the “unfiltered” part of which could have been added by some plugin on our site. Unknown.

When “unfiltered” was removed from my account role in WP, the “export to Ghost” option appeared as expected in Tools. Wondrous!