Problem displaying post access levels - Digest theme

I’m having some issues with the Digest theme.

On the home page, when you create a new post and set it as visible to members only, it displays the expected message warning you that content is exclusive to members. The same happens when accessing the post’s full url.

However, when I access the site logged in as a member, instead of releasing the rest of the content, a message is displayed warning that that post is exclusive to paying members (which it is not), I can access the post through the full url but on the home page no.

The message continues to be displayed even when accessing with a premium account.

I’m using version 4.14.0 of Ghost on a local install (Windows) and I haven’t edited or modified the theme.

Hey @JamilFilho, thanks for your detailed reports :slightly_smiling_face:

I confirm this was a bug, and was fixed here. You can now re-install the latest copy of Digest to get it fixed on your end.

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I updated the theme, but the problem seems to persist. Even using the solution presented in the GitHub issue, there was no result, in fact, now the post content is not even displayed