Publish Workflow: Why Is Send By Email On By Default?

I’m curious— why is Send By Email on by default? Is there a philosophical reason for this?

We post new stories often on our website and only send emails once a month (typically a round of new articles).

With this editor workflow I’m worried one of my authors (or me) will absent-mindedly email the entire mailing list.

Maybe I’m missing something :blush:

I’ve been asking myself the same thing. Should be off by default in my opinion, but it is not.

100% agree

@petem64 there is a core file somewhere controlling it. Problem is, editing those is bad practice for obvious reasons.

I wish the Ghost dev team implemented a way for us to load files like this directly from our theme, allowing us to make changes that are more suitable for us as users instead of suitable from the dev team perspective.


Thanks for reaching out.

I am a non-coder and I cannot understand why so many of these things complained about on the forum are not simple on and off toggles.



I do not understand it either. In my opinion, it would not impact the Ghost brand not being represented or promoted as we’re talking about the backend (the admin side of things, where you write posts etc).

We just have to wait and see what happens.

There is certainly a lot of heat about it on the forum that I have not seen before.

Upvote for this issue.