Punny code in fb and twitter


My ghost website has a url with “Umlaut” (müüs.ch) all works fine except
If I link an article on facebook or twitter …

Under the image the url is shown in punny code : xn–ms-xkaa.ch is there a way to have the right url below the picture or is that a fb, twitter bug?

cheers Manuel

The punycode version is the real domain name, in this case I think it’s likely down to Twitter/Facebook unless you can find examples where it’s not the case.

Showing the encoded domain rather than the raw domain does open up phishing attacks via domain masking so it would make sense that Twitter/Facebook err on the side of showing the real domain name rather than the encoded one.

Thanks for your answer, you are right. I did some tests and It has nothing to do with ghost… / anyway it would be nice to have the correct link in the fb post… bud it does not look like that this is possible…

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