'Read more' code injection

What would be a good code injection to insert a ‘Read more’ break and link?

Or is there a better way to do this on a long post?
I’m experimenting with a long post format that will break into three channels, to read separately (e.g. just Channel 2) or continuously Channel 1 > read more to Channel 2 etc.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Here’s some more detail on my explanation above.

I want to create a ‘Read More’ for a post that leads into a second post which in style is a continuation of the first.

That in turn might lead to a ‘Read more’ into a third post.

Think of it like introducing a topic with an overview, drilling down into more detail, then offering some additional information.

These would be tagged to work within either categories or channels within Ghost (I’m still feeling my way on this).

This can (typically) be achieved by ‘accordion’ unfolding of a longer post – keeps the integrity of the one post, breaks it into manageable sections

Or by links to separate short posts, easy to achieve, but loses the integrity.

Ghost offers great flexibility in achieving this kind of thing – but I need a steer on how best to go about it – thinking about the categories or channel comment earlier.

–Ian Greig

I would just go with links to posts - its easy to do and you get complete control over where the links are embedded and where they lead.

I would also recommend using TAGs and tag-indexes so that you have an Up link that takes you to an overview of the topic - not all readers will come in via the main page of the topic.

As an example:

**Musings on Boggle** 
Some interesting observation on boggle... [more detail](/more-boggle/)

And then there was this other related thingy... which I explore [here](/more-thingy/) 
 // which itself contains a link to [deep-thingy](/deep-thingy)

So if you wanted to see all I've ever written on [whatsit](/tag/whatsit/)

This has the benefit of evolving over time - you can write quickly in snippets, you can publish before the entire work is complete, and it fits easily into the structure of a Ghost blog. It means you can also track which detailed posts are interesting to your readers.

It’s a simple approach to start with. If you find problems or awkwardness, you can look into a more complex approach in the future.


P.S. I might take a different approach if the organisational structure of the work had a specific semantic meaning. For example, I would probably be writing in something like FreeMind if I wanted a strict hierarchical structure - and that tool would then dictate how to publish.

That’s very helpful, thanks. The posts are all written and edited in Markdown, so it looks like I can do most if not all of it outside Ghost – which is a big help to the workflow.

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This is a great question and I have the same requirement. I want to be able to create a Read-More Post but for that Post to not be listed on the Home Page. I tried to use Pages but they no not get indexed or tagged. Is there a way to create a POST but for that POST to not be listed on the Home Page?