Related posts based on dynamic tag filtering?

Within a custom post.hbs, I want to display related posts based on at least one shared tag. I assume that I’m just missing something simple in the syntax.

This is a trivial example (not what I want):

{{#get "posts" filter="primary_tag:{{primary_tag.slug}}" limit="all"}}

The documentation and most forum posts show this example (again, not what I’m after because it is not dynamic. Just providing context):

{{#get "posts" filter="tag:[explicit-tag-a, explicit-tag-b]" limit="all"}}

I want to retrieve all posts that share at least one common tag with the post in focus dynamically. For example:

/post-in-focus has tags: Explicit A, Explicit B
/related-post-1 has tags: Explicit B, Explicit C
/related-post-2 has tags: Explicit A, Explicit D
/unrelated-post-1 has tags: Explicit D, Explicit E

So related-post-1 passes the filter because it shares the Explicit B tag and related-post-2 would pass the filter because it shares the Explicit A tag. unrelated-post-1 would fail the filter because it has no posts in common with the post-in-focus.

I have tried the following without success, but maybe they illustrate the objective:

{{#get "posts" filter="tag:[{{tags}}]" limit="all"}}
{{#get "posts" filter="tag:[{{post.tags}}]" limit="all"}}
{{#get "posts" filter="tags:[{{tags}}]" limit="all"}}
{{#get "posts" filter="tags:[{{post.tags}}]" limit="all"}}

Thanks for any suggestions. Yes, I have already read the following more than once: