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I’ve been trying to create a partial do display the content of the post instead of the > "post-card"
has anyone managed to do this?

This should be doable, but we’ll need a bit more context. Can you share what you have so far?

I’m using the default casper theme and I’m trying to display the post instead of the recommendation cards.

To output the entire content of the post, use the content helper. Edit post-card (or create a new file) to use this helper.

I’m still a little fuzzy on what you’re trying to accomplish, so please share more info if you want some more help :smile:

I managed to output the entire content of the post and style them as necessary. The URL doesn’t seem to change however. Any idea as to how I can get it to update to the new url?

Which URL are you looking for? I’m not sure I understand what’s happening.

I created a custom partial to display the post as i needed it. But the url of the website does not change as i scroll from the original article to the suggested article i scroll to. I want to see if that is something which can be done

For that, you’d need to implement some kind of custom JavaScript solution that listens for scroll position and updates the URL. It’ll be quite tricky to implement.

I wonder if you want something like this?

I haven’t used it, but the demo sure looks cool. :slight_smile:

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