Remove or Edit "view site" link?

It is possible to edit the link or remove the menu item in ghost called “view site”? We’ve a lot of customizations and prefer to view the actual site and not see it through ghost.

Also, is it possible to edit the dashboard items?

If you mouse-over the “View Site” menu item there is an icon to the right that appears which is means “open in new tab” which removes the framing of the admin area. Is that what you are looking for?

Nope - that shows me - I want, which I’m running ghost on to do some editing via the content API.

I don’t think it’s customizable then. You could add a bookmark for the live site to your bookmark bar and just click that.

The URL of your site should be wherever it’s hosted, right? If you have the admin on a separate domain, you can configure the admin.url option. This configuration has worked well for me.


  "url": "",
  "admin": {
    "url": ""