Removed post tag and now URL is /404

Been testing out the dynamic routing, and creating language specific sections of our blog. Had a couple posts that contained both spanish and english versions within same post that I’m now splitting up into separate posts that show up under the main route or at .com/es/.

Both of the posts had previously been tagged with “Spanish”, which is how I was routing content to the /es/ area. However, upon removing the spanish tag from the two original posts, both of them changed to .com/404 URLs. The slug under post settings DID NOT change, but if you hover over the View Post, or if you navigate to a blog page containing one of the posts and hover over the title link, the URL displayed as .com/404.

Upon adding the spanish tag back to the posts, the issue corrected.

How do I remove the tag that is routing them to the area I no longer want them to appear? Is this expected behavior?

If a post is not owned by any collection, then the post does not live anywhere. This is expected.

I created 4 collections (ko, de, fr, es) but not one for English. I initially created one that was essentially everything but those 4, but have since removed it. So all posts show up when someone visits the main URL. The overwhelming majority of posts are not part of any of the 4 collections and they are loading just fine. It’s just the two posts that I had previously placed in the ES collection.

Is it because they were put into a collection and then taken out? There’s nothing else different about these two posts than the hundreds of others that are not owned by one of the new language based collections

I had the same issue.
I deleted the tag created a new one and assign the new tag to the posts impacted.

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