Reusing images and avoiding multiple uploads of the same file


I was wondering how it’s possible to reuse existing (uploaded) images in other posts and, more importantly, as og:image (Facebook) and as “post image”. Actually, when you go to these settings, it just lets you upload an image from computer, making you upload the same file twice (once inside the post and then as post image).

Also, if you click on the recycle bin and remove the image, the only way to put it again is… to reupload it. I don’t know if there are solutions, but the actual system isn’t optimized at all.


Hi @DarthJahus . There’s no way to reuse images from the Admin UI at the moment.

To have reusable images it would require Ghost to treat uploads as resources (just like posts, tags etc.) and have a concept of ‘uploaded images’, but we don’t have such functionality at the moment. This is definitely an improvement we considered but didn’t have priority for it yet :slight_smile:

If you absolutely want to reuse images you could use Admin API directly and set feature_image or og_image to the same URL pointing at a previously uploaded image. You can upload an Image using upload endpoint:

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@naz where can I upvote this function to get a higher priority within further Development?

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Hey @KranzKrone! You’d need to create a topic in ideas section with some details about why and what the idea is about. That would give some visibility if such a feature is in demand :wink:

Come on, @naz. Everyone knows that the feature is missing and why it is needed. If there is no topic about it in “todo”, then the staff itself needs to create it and let people vote to show how important it is for them.

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Lots of features are and will be missing because of the time and resource constraints. Ghost team has a lot to deal with day-to-day. If it’s not the team’s current priority, we encourage the community to voice their thoughts here and maybe some volunteer could pick it up and PR a change. A good example is this idea -Responsive images inside of post content, good analysis of the problem and even proposal for some possible solutions.

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