Revue features missed on Ghost

Recently I’ve moved with my soccer newsletter Fever Pit’ch from Revue to Ghost, and generally speaking, I’m very happy with having done so. But, on Ghost I miss two features I really enjoyed on Revue.

  • When I embedded an article link on Revue I was able to define the size of the thumbnail retrieved from the meta data (see picture attached). Sometimes I showed the thumbnail full screen, sometimes as a smaller one on the right or left side. In addition to this I could edit headline and text of the link embedded.
  • My newsletter deliver a curation of articles I recommend for reading. The Revue CMS offers a column of collected links of articles I discovered during the day. By drag and drop, I could embed these articles in my newsletters. So, the three features were: (1) collecting articles by a button like Pocket does, (2) showing them within the CMS, (3) embedding by drag & drop.

My question is: Does Ghost offer similar features I haven’t discovered yet? Is it something you could work on in the future?

And here you can see the column where articles are collected before embedded in the newsletter. I could integrate them in the newsletter by drag & drop.

Sad news.

Revue will shut down on January 18