Say hi! Also tell us your thoughts on what would make this forum useful


Interesting, I didn’t know Medium had done that. I can see that being a deal breaker for quite a few people, it certainly would be for me. (But of course I use Ghost :slight_smile: )


Thanks very much for setting this up! I’m a big fan of the Discourse forums I’ve used for other open source projects. Forum posts make it much easier to follow along through troubleshooting steps, and having all the posts accessible through a Google search is a big plus. Looking forward to watching the future of Ghost unfold here!


Hi Ghost,

Greetings from Indonesia. :indonesia:
I am Ghost Theme Developer.

My thoughts for this forum:
Pinned something like ‘How to Install Ghost’ then inside post link to any source (install from DigitalOcean with Ubuntu, with Debian, other cloud, etc.)

and ‘Troubleshoot’ then inside post link to any problem and how to solved it.


Hey Malvouz, thanks for signing up! :slight_smile: What you’re asking for is documentation rather than forum features, which is here:


I am going to setup a personal web page and i was planning to use ghost as a blogging platform. I installed it locally and begin to experiment with it, but i faced a few problems and had some questions. Naturally, i searched for these on google and i found some forum pages related to but when i clicked them i saw that they were dead. This was disappointing. There were some information here and there, but there was no place for a layman to ask questions other than #slack and #slack cannot replace a good forum any day. Documentation provides very basic information and if you go a bit further and try to add a table of contents to your posts, you hit a wall. Setting up a forum is very nice for creating a reference for novice people like me.


Hi Ghost Team! This is an awesome idea! :+1: In my opinion, the forum is a much better solution for getting help and support for Ghost users than Slack. Also, I think it will help to grow Ghost community.


I just finished writing a blog post about best practices for the chat+forum combo, ignited by the buzz that Ghost’s recent move created :+1:

@John you can email me at if you’d like to talk more about that Discourse Comments app for Ghost and anything else we might scheme up together.