Scaling down the UI


I would like my blog to be “zoomed out”. I think everything is very large and looks better at about 80% magnification. So I would like to modify my theme to scale everything down a bit. From my understanding of CSS this would be super annoying to do that would probably require I modify every element.

Is there an easier way to scale things down or would it be easier for me to ditch Casper and try something else


You could try and press the ctrl and - keys, both at once. If it doesn’t work, it’s maybe the time to ditch your computer - don’t buy another, they never behave.


I would have hoped it’s obvious that I know how to zoom chrome in and out. That’s not my concern. What I’m after is for everything to look smaller at 100% zoom. Y’know, how pretty much everyone will see it


If you are using the theme Casper by Ghost, you would have to edit the entire screen.css. You would have to edit pretty much any place where you can find a “max-width” in assets/css/screen.css.

And in global.css, you would have to adjust font-size of every element, so that it looks good with your newly shrunk site.

body {
 transform: scale(.8);


Prob a bad idea, but best would be if you went through the whole theme… or perhaps its written with em’s and rem’s, then you can just edit the main font-size to a smaller size…