Schema Error - A value for the url field is required

Hi team,

I found an issue, while I was running the structured data tests on our blog that is running on Ghost. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go here -
  2. You will see the error for Logo:

Not sure, what is causing this or how to resolve this? Any help is deeply appreciated.

Interestingly, I found the same bug on Cloudflare blog that is also running on Ghost -

It seems the Organization schema generated by ghost has some issue. The logo field criteria as per Google is already met. So I am not sure what is wrong?

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Hello, i’m running Ghost 2.37.0.
I did a test with my site, it seems I don’t have this problem.

add a valid logo size

example 256x256

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Thanks for the reply @mskian and @giacomosilli

It seems in your screenshot, the logo come as an image object. Mine comes up as a string.

Where can we actually change these settings in Ghost? Do we have any control over how the schema is generated by Ghost?

Hey @aslmabas :wave: The schema is generated in “meta” part of Ghost particularly in this module, in particular, ImageObject comes from:

In this particular case, it seems like a bug :bug: And my understanding is that logo value should be an object containing url property instead of just the url string as it is now. Would appreciate if you could file this as a bugreport in Ghost repo with steps to reproduce this issue :wink:

In case of CloudFlare instance the validation strangely fails on something else: it recognizes as invalid URL :man_shrugging:

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