Search for Ghost


Currently Ghost doesn’t have a search functionality, and search functionality is expected out of the box from most of the users. At least the ones I encounter. I use the GhostHunter plugin for my projects but it is not ideal as it only supports English.

Any ideas and solutions are welcome.

Adding search functionality to default Ghost themes

Best solution is generally Algolia, but it’s a bit manual and experimental atm:

GhostHunter Slow

Thank you, @John, I will have a look.


Another great integration for Ghost search would be Apache Solr, very powerful and open source. See e.g. Google chooses Solr for Public Service Website Search.

As a code example at GitHub, see the Solr integration for the NodeBB next-generation forums, wich are based on Node.js like Ghost.

There is also [Discussion] Solving Search in Ghost? · Issue #5321 · TryGhost/Ghost.