Security Issue Detected on Google Search Console

My site is just 1 day, and only have 2 post. Yet, i got this error from google search console.

I am using droplet from digitalocean, with 1 click installation. And for this moment, I know nothing about Ghosting. Did anyone ever face this issue as well?

Have you secured your server?

You can find some recommendations here, but also if you search on the

Yeah, i just asked for review and the problem is solved, with me doing nothing. Still don’t know what the problem tho.

Thanks anyway for asking.

Many users are getting this error.

Hey @Amir_Sofyan

I have a feeling it’s related to Google’s Safe browsing systems: Download Casper theme from ghost admin

It’s not immediately clear from your initial post what the actual problem you’re having is other than a warning on Google. There’s no mention of the site URL or any other useful information.

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