Seeking Advice: Best Practices for YAML- Implementing Brand and Category Tagging, Content Organization, and Latest Posts on My Website

How do I achieve this Url structure:

Brand Tagging: I want my site to use tags to represent brands, and i want to have a specific URL structure for these brand tags. For example, a page displaying all posts associated with the brand “Cartier” would be found at /brands/cartier/.

Category Tagging: Similarly, I would like to have categories represented as tags, with their own unique URL structure. A page displaying all posts associated with the category “Hands-On” would be at /browse/hands-on/.

Content Organization: I want all my posts to be accessible from a main collection with a URL structure like Individual posts would have URLs like{slug}/.

Latest Posts: I want a page at the URL /latest/ that displays all posts in descending order of their publish date, showing the most recent posts first. This page will be associated with our “What’s New” Page.

This is what I currently have

    template: sitemap
    content_type: text/xml

    permalink: /articles/{slug}/
    template: index

  tag: /browse/{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/
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A post cannot have multiple urls. Are the categories and brands you list mutually exclusive?

It’s definitely possible to have posts on multiple index pages, but you’re going to need to decide which url structure is most important.

No the categories and brands are not mutually exclusive, the brands should be tagged in a category but not vice vera.

For example an article about the brand “apple” can have the “tech” category.

Ultimately I want all the articles to start with /articles/{slug}/

And all the brands to be /brands/apple

And the categories to be /browse/(category name)/

Any updates @Watchthisguy?
I am stuck with the exact same situation from a day.

We are mostly seeking to organize the Page/Posts with custom URL since it is not directly possible at editor as it changes the URL from /browse/hands-on/ to /browse-hands-on/ by default.
Hence, we are looking for the solution in terms of dynamic routing or any other such ways as it’s a basic fundamental options available at any CMS or website to support hierarchical URL structure or directory structure.


Hi, even I am looking to same thing. Thank God this was suggested on my same question but how to make /ghost/themes/casper/releases/1100.hbs host into my
But I saw this something more interesting and easy way posted. I am a beginner, any possible help?