Self-Hosted Custom Action?

I’m not at all sure where to park this inquiry, but here goes… I have a relatively new self-hosted Ghost server up and running, and I’ve ported most of my old blog content to the new platform. That old blog included a sub-set of posts called “microposts” that got special handling, and I’m able to emulate that in my new blog now. However, I used to have an iPhone shortcut that would allow me to write short posts that included front matter which would automatically geo-tag the post with my current location (like town, state, not exact coordinates).

I’m prepared to do that same thing in my new blog but Ghost posts don’t support front matter in the same way that my old blog (written in Hugo) did. I’m looking for another way to presumably pre-process that kind of data.

So the question… Is there a hook or other manner by which I can code a pre-publication “action”, one that would presumably look for front matter (or equivalent) included in my post, capture that data as metadata in some form, and subsequently remove or hide the raw data in the body?

FYI… I used to develop in Drupal where module hooks were a common and wonderful feature! Hoping to find something like that in Ghost.

This exact type of functionality isn’t available in Ghost. However, there is an Admin API, which you could use to create a similar solution.