Sending email direct from Ghost

Is it possible to send emails directly from Ghost? (I’ve created a members only post and shared that.) And if not, is this on the road map?

What do you mean by “directly from Ghost”? Do you mean without a dedicated email service? :slight_smile:

I have an email account, so not email hosting.

From what I understand members can get an email when a new post is published. Is that only from a no-reply? Can that message not be edited?

If so what is the Ghostliest way to send emails? (I’m thinking of your Stripe recommendation.)

At the moment during the beta period of Members the from address is a fixed value based on the site domain. However the development of it is being discussed over here:

When you say message do you mean the body of the email? The body of the email is the published post :slight_smile:

Would say the Ghostliest way to send emails is by following the guide we have on our docs :sweat_smile:

Ohhhhhhh yes, yes, reading the guide would be the Ghostliest. Funny enough, it’s right below the Stripe mention. Thank you for your helpfulness @DavidDarnes as my greatest weakness is reading instructions. :grimacing: :slight_smile: :see_no_evil:

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@DavidDarnes will there be a Member filter to find relevant themes in the marketplace?

Best thing to do is to check the themes documentation. Some themes handle members differently, best to check out how they implement the feature in the theme and see if it fits with your plans :slight_smile: