SEO: Distinguish the description metadata and blog description / subtitle

I was curious and looked for the first time into how I appear in search results on google, to discover that the SEO performance is pretty bad. I found several possible reasons:

  1. My description in the settings is too short (60 characters)? Though it’s within the 50-160 character range that Mozilla recommends, multiple online sources seem to recommend between 100 and 150 characters.

Suggestion 1: add a character counter next to the Description field, and a recommended range of characters

  1. Related to 1, another issue is that the Description field in the Settings is said to be “Used in your theme, meta data and search results”. However, I don’t want a big 150 character description to appear in my home page, whose theme makes use of this Description field. I’d rather have a short, more striking description. Some may want nothing at all.

Suggestion 2: add another field, called “Blog Subtitle” and a corresponding theme handler

  1. I was surprised to see that the description metadata is not automatically populated, although twitter and facebook tags are automatically generated by ghost. In the post settings sliding panel, under metadata, there are placeholders for the text fields, so it seems that the logic is in place. Is this specific to the theme I am using, or is this also the case with Casper? I can see there is a similar question from 5 months ago, unanswered.

Suggestion 3: automatically generate the description metadata if none is explicitely input by the author when publishing the post.

Hope this is constructive questions / feedback.

Note: I can’t post this in the Ideas category, perhaps because I am a new member.