Session Authenticaion - ReactJS

Hey guys i am facing the issue where token does not persist in chrome or any other browser. Any help would be appriciated


  • It is installed and configued by railway platform

Some info related to running ghost app

  • Version: 4.47.4
  • Environment: Production
  • Database: mysql8
  • Mail: SMTP

You’ll need to share a lot more information for anyone to be able to help. Which token are you referring to? What are you trying to do with your react application? How are you authenticating and to which API (content/admin)?

Thanks for response kevin. Let me explain everything in detail.

Purpose of react app.

I am using User Authentication flow that ghost provides. The problem arises when request to /admin/session is successfully completed and it return cookie named as ghost-admin-api-session. That cookie is set in browser but when i refresh page it gone.

Can you please guide me why i am facing above issue?