Setup eMail (using postfix) - where to find the log files of Ghost's eMail-Service


I want to setup a Blog for our Intranet - i.e. not accessable from outside - and that means, that I want to use our corporate mail servers.

What version of Ghost are you using?

I’m using latest version which I got via Docker: docker pull ghost

First Ghost said to me, that eMail is not setup properly.
Once I installed and configured postfix inside the docker container I got no error from Ghost anymore. But the eMails were not sent, too.

Therefore I experimented with the .json-config.
Q1: When I change the mail config in the .json, do I have to restart Ghost?

Q2: Where can I find logs for eMail-stuff? I googled to find the sendmail/postfix logs. But I did not find the ghost-side-logs.

Hello Guildenstern,

A1: Yes, when you change any parameters in config json file you must restart your Ghost service.

A2: This depends on your Linux version but generally postfix logs* are located in /var/log/mail.log, /var/log/, /var/log/mail.err

*of course, there must be a syslog-ng installed as well.

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