Share your blog/newsletter/community in this thread :)

hey everyone,

I’m Jas. I run a newsletter + membership community on Substack called INF club, and currently in the process of migrating over to Ghost + a forum (I’m still deciding which… suggestions are welcome!).

Share your blog/newsletter/community below; as a newbie, I’d love to meet some of you see + what folks on Ghost are working on :slight_smile:



Hey Jas.

I have a couple of small blogs: and

Interesting to hear you’re moving from Substack to Ghost. I’m actually in the middle of writing a blog post of creating a Substack clone with Ghost + Cove, including building a lightweight newsletter theme.

Can I ask why you wanted to move away from Substack?

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Hey Dan :wave:

Both look cool :slight_smile: I love the design/minimalist vibe of ‘makeandgraft’ (and that theme you’re creating - it looks like we share a love of minimal design), and looks like we’ve got some stuff in common from your recent posts (I’m an introvert, too, and ‘freedom’ is a big value of mine -> I wrote more about what I’m working on + towards over on IndieHackers (in my comment below the thread).

Also, Cove looks awesome. I’m looking for a closed forum for my community, but this looks like an awesome option for comments (and alternative to Disqus).

In answer to your question, I feel like I’ve outgrown Substack. It’s something that was great for me starting out, and I continue to recommend it to writers/bloggers/makers, but, for me:

  • I needed more control (things like the custom footer, the lack of a domain… I’d constantly have to tweak settings for free/paid subscribers, and kept making ‘mistakes’ by forgetting to make the right tweaks). Substack served me well initially in getting to this point - as someone who likes to tinker/perfect things, it let me largely focus on the content alone.
  • My community is ~150 paid members, with an email list (I have an accompanying newsletter) of ~1500. Substack ‘threads’ were great to get started, but I need a designated forum now.
  • I’m moving from mvp (Substack) to something more sophisticated for my community (the community forum + live events/workshops)
  • Substack take 10%, which is a fair deal, but I see INF club steadily growing and with Ghost I get to keep 100% (minus Substack fees/Ghost hosting)
  • I personally feel that Ghost/hosting your own site just looks more serious/professional (e.g. with the ‘proper’ domain, alone)
  • For my brand/customer experience, and for the long-term, Ghost feels the right move.

PS. So cool that you’re working remotely from Mauritius. I spent a month working from Tenerife last year, and might be doing some more nomad-ing (when it’s possible to)

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Really great to hear your thoughts for leaving Substack; it will help as I’m writing! I appreciate you writing it all out. All the best with your new stack.

Thanks for the kind words about Make & Graft. The design is actually just the standard Ghost theme with two custom fonts. Amazing what you get out of the box.


Also, I’ve been podcasting using Substack’s in-house feature, and on Anchor (I hadn’t realised Substack distribute to other platforms, too).

I was reading your ‘podcasting as an introvert’ post - what was your preference between Simplecast and Transistor? Both look great… I’m currently weighing up where to move my podcast to.

Anytime. It was actually useful to ‘reflect’ and write down my thoughts/reasons whilst all of this is so raw. I love meeting like-minded folks. Feel free to share your article once it’s done :slight_smile:

Oh wow, that’s pretty cool, thanks for sharing.

We’ve kind of drifted from your original post! I chose Simplecast way back in 2012 when it was easily the most modern host. Transistor is much newer. Feature-wise, there’s not much between them.

we have, my fault… :grin: thanks Dan, I appreciate your thoughts :+1:

Wow, the conversation here is fantastic. I almost feel like crashing here @dan @jsh4.

I have some blogs, but my two main ones are:

I like Ghost a lot, and im building my site as the time goes. Any suggestion/discussion/tip is greatly appreciated.


My blog is a movie download website although I am new to ghost but it’s great to be here

I am equally looking for a cenema movie theme but can’t find it yet. Any idea??


nice to meet you - & I’ve bookmarked your ‘get a subscriber alert on Ghost’ article, I think I’ll be implementing that once I’ve finished migrating to guest :slight_smile:

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hey, nice to meet you. looks cool… unfortunately i’m a Ghost newbie - good luck finding a theme that fits :slight_smile:

Hi @jsh4

The Lyra Cobal theme is inspired by the colors of Indie Hackers

Theme Simply has a good alternative to infclub has a similar resemblance. but at the moment it doesn’t support membership, I’m working on a new mockup for simply with membership support.

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Hello @jsh4 et all! I blog over at The Autodidacts:

My output has been extremely sporadic of late, but an article I read a few days ago made me realize (once again) that it’s high time to update my fussy, glacial-speed revision process and just publish some of the many draft posts I have sitting in Ghost :slight_smile:

I have also made some free and premium Ghost themes.

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I came to know about Substack when the founder was starting out.

Of course, the good thing is there is hardly any configuration for Substack. Leaving that aside… it does have the ability to give a splash page, collect the email id (with the option to preview posts) - this is an idea I think he got from Mixergy’s Welcome Page.

But one of the things missing there, is the ability to use your own domain, last time I checked. You could use them, but he stopped offering that. That to me is like the move made - not good, locking people in like that.

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nice to meet you, I like the blog name :slight_smile:

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Thank you! i truly appreciate it

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Hi, fellow Ghosters! I was really excited when Ghost launched memberships. I had a pretty big email list on Mailchimp (4k+ readers) but had no idea how to monetize it. I’ve moved everything over to this membership site: I had some big debates with myself about how to bring in existing subscribers, who’d subscribed to a free email newsletter, and try to convince them to pay for a membership. Eventually I decided to give all my existing subs free membership, and ask them to sign up a friend/family member for the paid one if they want to support me. It’s early days, so I’m not sure yet if that gamble will have paid off, but I did get really positive feedback from my existing subscribers.

It’s been really interesting to see what everyone else has been experimenting with on Ghost. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


Hi! This is my site Created with Ghost, I finally enabled Members yesterday :slight_smile:

I would like to give the opportunity to comment to registered users. Cove looks interesting. But in the future I would use a native Ghost feature if it will ever be developed, so I worry about the possible detachment from a third-party system to use the native one.


Hey Sam! I love what you’re doing. I’m really excited about moving over to Ghost and making use of memberships (I’m on Substack currently, I have a list of 1.5k+ which I recently started monetising) - and INF club consists of a blog/newsletter, podcast + membership community… so it looks like we have a few things in common :slight_smile: Your books look cool, too (I have a book or 2 planned, myself). I’m just about to drop you an email to howzit@ in case you’d like to connect further.