Share your Ghost Blog URL!

Hey Mark, I got a “too many redirects” error when viewing your page. Tested on both Chrome and Edge. Hope this helps! Happy to do other testing if you need.

I see this too. Bouncing between tech and Tech.

Thanks @twelvetables and @mjw. That’s fixed. It was a case of “too many redesigns”, where /tech became /Tech when I switched from one blog platform to another and now /Tech has become /tech again, so now the old redirect needed to be reversed. :joy:

I’m considering self-hosting Matomo, so I get better insight into my site and catch more of these hosting problems myself.

I’ve been trying goaccess on the server. But because it tracks every HTTP request not just “pages”, the top results in many categories are often just junk traffic.


Please post when you do. I self host Plausible (also Open Source) and would be interested to make a comparison.

You made me take a second look at Plausible. :smile: While I like that that Plausible is “simpler”, it requires both a PostgreSQL and Clickhouse database. My hope with Matomo is that I can point to the same MySQL DB that hosts Ghost. I’m already supporting PHP because of a Wordpress blog I host, so my hope is that Matomo will be low resource and complexity to host. We’ll see!

That’s why I’m interested in this. I currently run Plausible as Docker image, with Postgres, but would rather not do this.

PHP would be an additional requirement though, and may be a deal breaker.

Incidentally, I ultimately want comments in the same MySQL DB.

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Nice! I’ll check out Plausible. I’m currently self-hosting Matomo now (using docker for Ghost, DBs, and Matomo) and it has been working pretty well for me for about a year! Happy to share my docker-compose file with you guy if you desire it. The downside is you have to deal with docker ;)

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I think we are getting off-topic from “Share your Ghost Blog URL”, but… I’m hosting MySQL and Ghost directly, to be fully supported through the standard upgrade process and tooling. I plan to run Matomo in container using podman, and connecting to the un-contained MySQL instance. The Podman launched will be managed by systemd. Containers have their place, but I much prefer using systemd to manage services instead of Docker.

Started a brand new website with Ghost last month. So far, loving it :slight_smile:


I write at

I share about things I explore and also write a newsletter weekly.

I use the Headline theme.

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Just started a photo newsletter with Ghost!

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Hey! :wave:

I just moved to Ghost (an hour ago actually!)!

My website is Merci Larry, I publish articles about SEO, Data and Growth Marketing since January 2018.

I used the Casper default theme and use some code injection to customise it :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m just starting out. Not much of a designer but I like how my use of Dawn is turning out.

My site, The Paddy Murphy Virtual Pub Quiz, is a little different - it’s an interactive trivia newsletter and competitive league. Like a little pub quiz delivered every weekday.


Hey everyone.
Andrei here with a crypto-related blog/publication focusing on interviews, guides, and more.
I first started on and decided to make the switch recently.
Using the Casper theme and Ghost Pro.
Focusing on monetization and traffic generation ATM.

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This is my family blog. It was started many years ago on a very early version of Ghost, then went dormant for 6 years, and now it’s back. :innocent:

It’s just the Casper theme with slightly modified post card layouts for new vs. ancient posts.

so I have finally made more or less final version of my portfolio, illustrations mainly. using gorgeous Simply theme with minor modifications.

Ghost is running on and I am using an Umami instance deployed on Heroku to see analytics.

Further todo includes:
language switch
dark-light toggle instead of buttons

Rebuilt my site from the ground up for Ghost.
Released today.
Feedback welcome. :nerd_face::+1:


Kia – 2022-09-01 2

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My blog & portfolio: , a lightly adjusted Ruby theme.

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Hi there, this is my blog Danfercf Blog, It’s using the Alto theme, I’m sharing some interesting things about my Raspberry’s experiments and another useful technology tutorials.

Exabyte Tech is my blog, I use Theme Casper