Should i use the stable or the master branch to create my working branch

I know i read somewhere on the internet maybe on a Github comment that there are two branches on Ghost: the stable and the master branch. (it was written like a star wars joke: “always come in pairs a master and a stable branch”) But i cant find anything about that on the official documentation. I am guessing if i am modifying the admin i should checkout -b (create a new branch) from the stable branch, is that correct?

Thanks in advanced

It depends on what you’re trying to do. The stable branch is extremely similar to the latest release of Ghost (the similarities being one is built and the other isn’t) while the master branch has changes for the next release. If you’re trying to contribute to the core, you should modify the master branch

Thanks for the clarification. I am just trying to modify Ghost to suit my specific needs. A tweak here and there.

What are you trying to do? There’s usually a method to do stuff without modifying the core, which will make your life easier. Either way, you should be fine modifying master, but as I said, stable is the latest release if you want to be safe

I want to modify the admin (add some buttons, remove others) and some tweaks on the mail service. I think i would like to use mailgun.

Modifying the admin interface would definitely require modification to the core, but only to the ghost-admin repository.

You should be able to configure mailgun without tinkering with the core:

Ok, it makes sense. If i just clone the Ghost-admin repo instead of the Ghost repo, and finish my tweaks on the admin. How would i send the admin to a dist folder or a zip? Can i still use Grunt release as in the Ghost repo?

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