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I’m hosting my ghost instance in a subdirectory /ghost, with nginx acting as a reverse proxy. I managed to get the location block in nginx working fairly quickly, and

example dot com/ghost

showed me the homepage for the blog with all the example posts. What I was not able to do, was navigate to the login at

example dot com/ghost/signin

, it just redirected me back to the base subdirectory and homepage.

I tried editing my


to change the subdirectory thinking maybe was somehow redirecting incorrectly, but this caused an error 502 bad gateway. I’ve since changed it back, but the 502 remains. All my other subdirectories work fine still. To clarify, I also adjust my nginx


file with the same change and then reversion as the ghost c.p.json file.

So I guess I have two questions now, should I just wait and see if maybe cloudflare needs to update for the 502 error? And what do you make of my original redirecting to the home page problem?

I don’t know where the documentation is, but the subdirectory you mount ghost to can’t end with ghost. So is not okay, but and is also okay.

To access your admin panel, you need to access {root}/ghost - your case would be, which would take you on the exciting journey of an infinite redirect loop

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