SMS Platform that has native integration with Ghost


I am sending a bulk of SMS messages every week to my community. Unfortunately, the platform I am using right now has no native integration with Ghost.

I am just new here and I want to utilize the capability of using email in Ghost because it’s great. What are the most common SMS platforms members are using? What can you recommend?

Thanks in advance :)

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Ghost can send a webhook for various events, like new members and new posts. You might be able to use Zapier or a roll-your-own cloud function that catches the webhook and generates SMS messages through some SMS provider’s API.

To be able to make a recommendation, I’d need to know more about what your SMS messages are - what triggers them, and what do they contain?

Will zapier have a limit for text messages? Like, can I have a text sent to all of my 1500+ subscribers each time a post is published on ghost?

Looks like it’s pretty limited: