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Welcome back! This week’s issue features lots of news and ideas surrounding the shifting social media landscape, as well as some top tips about the latest features in Ghost. We hope you enjoy it!

:speech_balloon: In this week’s issue:

  • Social platforms. Which ones should you focus on in 2023?
  • A signup story. New ways to implement signup forms, and test their performance.
  • Reaching out. How to send cold emails that actually get a response.

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Please don’t recommend that people actually use Threads. It’s just a stunt by Zuckerberg, he doesn’t need more power.

Let the fediverse live!


But Threads IT’S a part of the Fediverse.

No, it isn’t. It uses Mastodon under the hood, but it’s not federated with any other service. I don’t really believe that it ever will be. If it is, there will be multiple massive catches. GChat and Facebook Messenger technically used Jabber under the hood, but Google dropped that for their own proprietary messaging service nobody used, and Facebook Messenger never worked right with it.

Threads also literally doesn’t have a feed of people you’re following. You just see random nonsense there. They really didn’t want to bother finishing the app, they just wanted to rush it out to capitalize on Twitter being a hellscape.

Mastodon and Threads will be interoperable eventually.

I’ll believe it when I see it. And I’ll care when I see it, but only because it means I can follow a few more people. And when the integration breaks everything, I’ll just laugh at everybody who thought “man, Facebook is such a nice company, they want what’s best for the internet!” even harder than I’m laughing now.

So what’s better? Nostr, which is a bunch of home hosted relays that cannot even communicate with each other, or Twitter that’s full of bots and hate? I don’t understand, I think people should be open for alternatives.

Literally both of those platforms are better than flocking to yet another new Facebook-owned monstrosity without features, but I also literally just suggested the actual fediverse, it’s weird that you forgot that. And there’s also always the option of not using a microblogging platform, they’re not totally required. But literally any of those options is markedly less shitty than tweeting at four active Zuckerberg sycophants.

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