(SOLVED) Edge Theme: editing bookmarks

@anelguel, your only option to edit bookmarks is to do so manually by creating your own bookmark card via an HTML card.

I have a snippet set up with the following code:

<figure class="kg-card kg-bookmark-card">
    <a class="kg-bookmark-container" href="LINK_URL">
        <div class="kg-bookmark-content">
            <div class="kg-bookmark-title">TITLE</div>
            <div class="kg-bookmark-description">WRITE-UP</div>
            <div class="kg-bookmark-metadata">
                <img class="kg-bookmark-icon" src="FEATURE_IMAGE_URL">
                <span class="kg-bookmark-author">AUTHOR_NAME</span>
                <span class="kg-bookmark-publisher">PUBLISHER_NAME</span>
        <div class="kg-bookmark-thumbnail">
            <img src="THUMBNAIL_IMAGE_URL">

There’s a few caveats you should be aware of though.

  1. Don’t ask me why, but the author and publisher fields are reversed and so don’t correspond with their CSS classes. So in the above code, if you wanted to publish an article from the website Radio Ecoshock with the author Jane Doe, your code for the relevant portion would look like this:

<span class="kg-bookmark-author">Radio Ecoshock</span>
<span class="kg-bookmark-publisher">Jane Doe</span>

Note, however, that the formatting will look awry in the editor, but will end up looking correct in the draft/published post.

Editor look:

  1. Due to the manner in which the dot-separator is set up, if you only want to list a publisher but not an author (or vise versa), you’re going to want to insert that info into the publisher field and delete the author field. If you do it the other way around you’ll end up with the dot separator to the right of the lone author field.

Last of all, I add the internal tag #manual-bookmark-card to every post in which I create one or more of these so I can have easy access to a “listing” of all of them, just in case.

Hope that helps. If you’ve got any questions and/or if I’ve missed anything ask away :slight_smile:

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