[solved] Mailgun has quietly removed their "pay as you go" offer. Any new option to be integrated with Ghost's native newsletter?

About to get working on a new publication, realised Mailgun has quietly removed their “pay as you go” offer, any new option to be integrated with Ghost’s native newsletter?

PS: I’m aware flex existed. I’m aware “pay as you go” existed. Flex no longer exists though. Every new account is charged $35/month after 1 month trial. Thus my question on whether any new integration for the native Ghost newsletters is to be expected.


See Why do I have to set up Mailgun for newsletters?

Did you know Mailgun doesn’t have free accounts anymore??

Mailgun recently updated their pricing, including the removal of a free tier. However, under their new pricing, invoices are not sent if they total less than $0.50 - which is still more than 600 emails. For most people who are getting started Mailgun remains free, and subsequent rates are extremely generous. It would cost far, far more (money as well as time) to run your own bulk mail delivery infrastructure, or use most other providers.

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Thanks. Had seen that. The changes I refer to are even more recent than that (the link you sent reflects Mailgun prices changes that happened back in 2020). Now any new Mailgun account costs $35/month after the first trial month. The “pay as you go” is gone. Hence my question on whether any new mail service is to be integrated soon by the Ghost team into the native newsletters.

This is incorrect. You need to sign up for their Flex plan, i.e., pay as you go.

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Yes, had seen that. And from the bottom of the same link you have sent:

"For new users signing up, we offer a one-month Foundation Trial during which 5,000 emails are included for free. During the one-month trial, however, you actually can send up to 6,000 emails at no cost (due to our $1 minimum for payment processing). For example, if you send 6,000 emails or less during the trial month, you will be charged $0. However, if you send 6,001 emails, you will be charged the $1 minimum fee, and $1.00 per thousand emails sent over 6,001.

At the end of the one-month trial, the account will begin using the Foundation subscription plan which costs $35 per month (unless another subscription plan was selected during the one-month trial period)."

One can no longer sign up to Flex

Yes, you can. Start the trial, and then you can downgrade to the Flex pay as you go model.


Thanks a ton! Just confirmed this worked (despite not documented)


So I just went through this process and when I go to downgrade I’m not seeing any flex options available. Should I be looking somewhere else?

It’s still there, see images on how to find it :


When I click unsusbribe, it asks me if I want to delete my account. Is that because I’m on the free plan and hence already count as flex?

That may be so. My screenshots are from a new account, where I initially signed up to pay.