Sorting posts by date (chronological)

Hi - I am new to Ghost. In Wordpress, it is possible to create sort button (Say, drop-down SELECT) list that user can use to sort posts by date or whatever other fields you might want the sort to work with. Does Ghost let you do that? I know default is reverse chronological order.

What I want to do is:

All posts - this page will show all my posts, sorted in reverse chronological order [default in Ghost]

Cooking Lessons - this page will show only posts that are tagged Cooking-Lessons and will show them in chronological order so that my readers can start learning from Lesson 1.

Baking Lessons - filter posts that have Baking-Lessons tag and show them in chronological order so my readers can follow from lesson-1

This can be done in Wordpress but is it do-able in Ghost - is there a theme available that does this?

This is totally doable in Ghost and unless you want to design the pages differently, it doesn’t require theme changes - it needs a routing configuration.

The dynamic routing guide explains how to use routing to build pages that list content in different ways: