Sqlite3 data type problem

I want to join the ghost team, I review Sqlite3 and Ghost official docs step by step, but I am in trouble, what do you think of these problems?

With Ghost V5, SQLite was dropped.

Ghost’s official production stack is now Ubuntu 20, Node 16 and MySQL8 . The big change here is the database layer. We used to support both SQLite and MySQL 5 in production, now we’re all-in on MySQL8 so we can double down on performance optimizations.

now is development, not production. so i am reviewing anything about sqlite3. but sqlite3 datatype is so wrong. why?

The datatypes that Ghost uses are static, regardless of what database you use. Sqlite supports declaring a column as a specific datatype even if there’s background coercion going on, which seems to be where the confusion is.

so painful. so the ghost does the wrong thing. can we write a post that emphasizes these problems in the official docs? or from the start, create all tables that coincidence sqlite3 data type?

wrong is the wrong one, absolutely not the right one.

Ghost is doing nothing wrong by using a datatype that sqlite supports…? Either way, as @mjw mentioned, sqlite is only suggested for Ghost development, so if there are minor non-destructive inconsistency issues with sqlite support (which, again, what you mentioned is not), it’s not a big deal.


so sad. I decided to solve these problems by myself.