Staff Invite Email Alt or Base Solution

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Issue: I sent to staff invites to allow friends who are the programming developers to help with getting Ghost to work… (This comment is not a dis’)

The emails have not been received… Real Issue I’m having is that the Ghost Blog assumes everyone is a developer, I know the platform is for developers… I’m a novice (don’t fault me)… The other issue is this forum is scattered will TMI that doesn’t display the actual base solutions for issue. If I’m wrong, I do apologize in advance and maybe a user on this platform can direct me on the steps on how to use.

1st: Do I need to set up a Mailgun Account to have the invites sent to the persons I need to add to become a staff (regardless of the staff levels)?

2nd: What / And Were do I set up my email (regardless if it’s from or the " in the ADMIN Account?

Please note: If I have to activate Casper template, to achieve the goal I’m ok. We will hack the shit (excuss my language, if this is not allowed; LMK and I will never use again) out of the platform and create and open source, free website for you all… this, I hope will allow the ghost team to focus on their job… I don’t mind working for free!

I ask that you the skilled persons in this matter to help with this solution, and if you need anything please ask as I will provide.

Thank again1