Start on system boot? (macOS)


Just installed ghost on my macBook.
All fine - no errors - can load it up in the browser etc.
Now, I am looking for some way to get ghost to start on boot (so I don’t manually have to start it it with the terminal everytime I reboot the mac.)
Is this possible? And how?

  • What version of Ghost are you using? 2.18.2
  • What configuration? local on macOS
  • What browser? brave/chrome

Why don’t you just make a .command script file that contains all the commands that start up Ghost and set it up to run at system start?


That sounds great! how do I do it…?


Open TextEdit (or your favorite text editor), type the commands you need and save it as a .command file. Running the file on boot can be achieved with Automator (check out this Thread on StackOverflow).

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cheers mate!



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