Strange code in /assets/built/main.min.js

I got an error on console log:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘<’ on main.min.js:1

I saw that this script is called on the end of the html page

And this Javascript file has some weird html code on it: One moment, please...

This Javascript file is different from the same Javascript file that I have in another ghost site:

The Javascript file on the theme folder (themes<mytheme>\assets\built) seems to have the correct content like the file above in another site that a I have.

Any clue about it?

Info about the installation:

Version 5.52.3
Running on fast comet host
running (development)

theme: customized headline (I didn’t change anything on it recently)

I just updated the ghost version today, but this error was happening since some days ago.

Thank in advance

That’s a cache response from somewhere. (Cloudflare?) Do you have caching set up on your site?

When I follow your link, I get a normal-looking main.min.js file, with none of what’s in your screenshot.

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