Stripe free trial

Hi! Thanks for Ghost, it has been amazing using it

Are you guys thinking to add a Membership trial mode? Or, is there a way I can do it myself

Hey @Carlos_A_del_Castill :wave:
You can do this yourself with complimentary plans:

You could also use different access levels to treat your signed up members as trial users and differently to paying members :slight_smile:

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Hey @DavidDarnes, thanks a lot for answering! It’s great that they’ve added that feature, I think I asked my question wrong, I want the users to sign up for a Stripe trial, like a 14-day free trial, but they have to add their card details.

Is there a way to do it? even if it requires code, or are you guys planning on adding this feature?

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Ah I see. That’s an interesting suggestion. Feel free to propose this as an idea on this forum using the Ideas category. That way people can vote on it. It’ll be especially good if you can provide a use case scenario alongside it :slight_smile:

Hey @Carlos_A_del_Castill :wave:
Just wanted to let you know that it’s now possible to add a trial period to Member plans. Check out our guide, Add a free trial, for more info :

Make sure your version of Ghost is up to date. Hope this helps :blush: