Style toggle button via css class

I want to style the toggle button (the one opening the content of the toggle card), specifically increase the stroke-width. When I code inject that to it’s class (cls-1), that doesn’t work, it only works if I add ‘style=“stroke-width: 5;”’ to the . Why? what am I missing?

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Are able to share a link to a page where this is happening? It’s difficult to say without seeing it firsthand.

Hello Nino, can you assist me with what class I need to target in order to change to color or make the toggle drop down button more visible. I’ve tried cls-1, i’ve not even been able to target the box background. I had to fully code out my own toggle in order to get the design I like, but would like to have a easy and quick option available.

As you can see in my photo, that’s just not practical to use. Spent hours, and not even GPT could solve this issue.

Screen Shot 2023-12-07 at 5.55.43 PM

if you’d like to link the page, I can probably help with the selectors.

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Thank you Cathy, here is a generic page with a toggle. I assume the target class would be the same anytime I use that post feature? Meaning I could target the class css it in the site vs page injector so that anytime I use the built in toggle feature it will automatically take affect. That’s what I did to make quotes darker, but I couldn’t get this to work.
Are the two class ID’s I tried to target with no luck. Do I have to change the svg ? I just wish for the toggle arrow to be darker, the design is fine.

Thanks for the assistance

.kg-toggle-heading svg {
    color: black;

If it doesn’t apply correctly, add important (like this: color:black!important) and/or move from code injection header to footer.