SUPER Weird question: Can ghost be app-ified?

My posts contain a lot of video. Many of my members want to watch those videos on their Roku/FireTV/etc

Yes, they can ‘CAST’ from their phone. But is there some other clever solution? Can an app be built that is, essentially, a web wrapper that will allow them to play the videos on their devices?

You could certainly create an app that simply wraps your Ghost website, but I would imagine that the UX is horrible (my personal experience with TV apps is exactly that).

Another option would be a more “native” app for the TVs you want to support and using the Ghost Content API.

So yeah, I don’t think that feasibility is the issue – because it’s certainly possible. But rather the UX of porting “web” articles to a TV interface, given the navigational differences between web and TV interfaces.


Having a companion YouTube or Vimeo channel might be the path of less resistance.