SuperScript on Titles

I have found a way to put superscript on Titles:

You just have to copy the superscript itself and paste on the title. For example just copy this and paste on your title ™

Like in this case: Welcome to the Intensive Journal™ Program! (

It’s not superscript though, just the trademark symbol contained in the font.

It is. Try with other symbols…they should work too. The trick is to grab a true Superscript symbol or number.
Check this here: Test SuperSprict⁵ (

Also visit this site: Superscript and subscript numbers ¹ ³ ⁺ ₄ ₇ ₌ - Unicode Character Table (

In addition,
this is another example: Test twoˢ

Use this tool to generate Superscripts: Superscript Generator ― LingoJam

No, it’s not superscript, which is defined by an HTML tag. The title is misleading. Also, note that these characters will only render correctly if the user has the font installed.

This is superscript text.