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Hi, I am working on making a multi-lang version of the ghost with the ability to switch the language dynamically.
I successfully created special language collections for the posts, but can’t find any way to do the same things on the author and tag pages.
As I see, it`s couldn’t be implemented using current Dynamic Route.
Am I right that /en/tags/{slug} and /it/tags/{slug} route cannot be implemented without editing core library?

Hey Ivan, yep you’re right - resources (tags/authors) with auto-archives are singular, and can’t be easily assigned to specific collections. But. If you just have a few main tags then you could create sub collections which filter for 2 separate tags.

Eg. /en/news/ collection filtering for posts which are tagged with both en and news

Then repeat for your other main languages/sections

Thanks, so as I understand, I cant filter posts by author and language tag on the author taxonomy for two different languages using two different URL.

Not automatically, but you could create manual collections to achieve the same thing, as mentioned. Eg:

    filter: author:steve+tag:en
    filter: author:steve+tag:de

But if /en/author/steve/ will grab, for example, post with id 1, am I right that collection by language /en/ will never show the post with id 1 .

oh yeah you’re absolutely right, sorry, what you want is a channel route

    controller: 'channel'
    filter: author:steve+tag:en



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