The @site maybe need a owner attribute

because I cannot find the owner author of site in index page

Hey there. Sorry but could you give a little more explanation? I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to. We’ve got documentation on the @site helper if that is any help to you?

because I want display the owner author info about the site in index.hbs, where can i find it?
should I fetch the authors by javascript api? that is very bad

Ah I see! You can use the get helper to grab any author from the site:

For example, if I want to show my own author name I can use:

{{#get "authors" slug="david" as |author|}}

great but what if I provide the theme to others, I dont know who is the owner, so how to do ?

In that case you could grab the first author? Something like this would do that:

{{#get "authors" limit="1"}}
    {{#foreach authors}}

it would solve the problem, but it is still a little ugly, if someday the first author is not the owner, it would get wrong